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is a one-day INspiritual festival

that was created with a profound desire for balance between

heaven and earth

a quest to connect the two poles of human existence

-the masculine and the feminine-

all of this infused with the power of LOVE

the healing source

that connects

our universe.





let go & let's go

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Upgrade your human experience with our inspiring workshops, where ancient wisdom and modern insights meet. 

Our goal is to inspire a positive way of life, with an open mind in a healthy body.

THE MARKET creates an opportunity to showcase your services or wares to a broad spiritual community in an energetically supercharged environment. 


On top, we've got JONAS DRAAIT, bringing a vinyl-only mix of ambient, jazz, electronic, indie, reggae, and classical music to set the (b)right mood for the day.

Healing by day, ecstatic by night... 

where the disco ball shines bright

where nature and nightlife collide

where differences unite

for an epic rave under the stars.

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